Pornography and Access to Adult Entertainment Industry

Pornography and the Internet

Record 1

There were four (4) people in this session.

Awkward when your home is also a place of employment (for your caregivers).

Don’t want caregivers to see my porn.

PWD are denied sexuality because it is easier for the caregiver(s).

PWD (because of some of the things talked about in the session, above) sometimes only have porn as a sexual outlet.

Boundaries become blurred/roles become blurred….consumer wants/needs vs. caregiver comfort.

Action Steps:

Employer (PWD) must set boundaries with her/his employees (caregivers). For example: knock on the door before coming in, etc.

Record 2

I can look at porn in my home. But my paid caregivers are uncomfortable with it, so I have to be sure it’s off before they arrive.

Comfort level: parents, staff

Access issues: Person using a wheelchair can’t access all of a strip club, and can’t access sexuality.

KSAF can’t pay for alcohol and meetings when buying dinner.

Sometimes the only way people with disabilities can access sexuality is via porn. relationships are regulated and restricted.

SO much perceived “sexual devieance” is historically kept hushed. Our society is not okay with open talk about sex and expecially anything deemed “not normal.”

Person with a disability has to rely on others to get to a strip club or adult video store. Staff are not comfortable.

Issue of setting ground rules for staff: It is my house, you don’t let yourself in. This assures you privacy.

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