Autism and Sexuality

Autism and Sexuality

16 participants

Groups represented: AVOL, HDI, KATC, EKU, Waiver program, students

 Record 1


Spectrum of sexuality and spectrum of abilities 

Bundy: Special interests can become incorporated into sexuality (fetish?); different definitions of sexuality exist

Bev: Accidental stalking

Responses: Not all stalking is necessarily bad or harmful, some is normal human behavior, could separate following aspects from violent aspects, decriminalize the concept

“If it bleeds, it leads.” 

Sending/receiving signals more difficult

Social skills groups can be helpful

Lack of sex ed leads to behaviors, acting out. Backlash from parents over sex education makes teaching students difficult.

How to effect change? Schools? Policy issues.

Patrick: “Penises are beautiful.”

Okay to be straight and enjoy gay porn.

 Repressive culture and religiousity.

 Is there a problem with people with intellectual disabilities taking nude drawing course?

Churches, God, morality: Are some kinds of sex/love wrong?

Policy on teaching safe sexual practices? Planned Parenthood in schools? 

Sex class offered in Northern Kentucky.

Should this be part of regular and alternate assessments?

Action: Research current policies, curriculum; lobby to include various types of sexuality in school sex ed; investigate possibility of partnership with PFLAG.

Record 2

Special interests and sexuality; perception that this strong interest is wrong; idea that we teach people this is wrong.

Process or cycle; culturally forced into role 

Stalking: Not all “following” is stalking. Need to send clear message to follower. Learning to understand signals. 

Teachers frustrated with sex education, contradictions. Don’t want to teach, nonverbal kids can’t connect with other kids. Moms are often confronted with need for someone to teach sons, esp. about masturbation.

How do we help families transition when child’s development doesn’t’ prompt these changes in relationship (child to adult)? 

Art: life model drawing class, is this a possibility for people with disabilities?

 Families uncomfortable with their adult children’s expression of sexuality

 What is sexuality curriculum? 

Action: look at state laws regarding sexuality curriculum. Is this part of core curriculum for students with and without disabilities?

 Divide between rural and urban communities is narrowing with regard to acceptance of gays.

 Record 3

 Often those things that autistic people are focused on are intertwined with their sexuality

 Social functioning, communication, strong interests

 Accidental stalking/strong interests

 How to get others to understand the difference between obsession and criminal stalking.

 How do we get teachers/schools to understand that sexuality is a normal part of humanity?

 Religion and sexuality: future discussion?

 Education is key to opening minds.

 Action: What does KDE say about sex ed? What can we do to change curriculum?

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