Addressing Sexuality for LGBTI and PWD in Public Schools

Addressing Sexuality for GLBTI and PWD in Public Schools

You’re in the Bible Belt, baby. Don’t forget “Toddlers and Tiaras” is on at 8!

Since sexuality is hardly mentioned in US public schools for “normal” people, we are wishing on a star for education for GLBTE and PWD.

Public School clubs for GLBTE have a hard time getting approval.

Rate of suicide is so much higher for youth who are GLBT…the “It Gets Better” videos….does it get better?  What am I supposed to do right now!?

It would be great if there could be a “safe place” in school where GLBT could go to discuss issues/fears/problems…something identifying it as safe place?

Most “typical” people learn about sex from their peers. For PWD, who may be excluded from typical classroom(s), this route is closed to them.

Inclusion in “Health Class” would be a good first step. At least students would know their own anatomy.

It’s almost like we have to do something without the help of the public schools.

It would be great to get some kind of peer-to-peer mentoring.

How do you spread the word about support groups for GLBTE?

Teacher pre-service training should address sexuality issues.

Action Steps:

Use existing resources (e.g. Bluegrass Youth Advocates) and other groups to provide information about support. Family Youth Resource Centers through schools may be an avenue. Maybe Public Libraries?

Bring the various constituents together and have a workshop, just on this, to develop and action plan for outreach.

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