What is an (Un)conference?

An unconference is a participant driven meeting utilizing Open Space Technology. Rather than adhering to preestablished agendas featuring “expert” speakers, participants will create their own agendas around the agreed upon topic. Anyone who attends is eligible to be a session leader. Come with an idea of what you want to talk about and make it happen! We will create the schedule and assign rooms the morning of the event.

There are four basic “rules” guiding the unconference:

1. The people who come are the best people who could have come.

2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened.

3. It starts when it starts.

4. It’s over when it’s over.

In addition to the four “rules,” we will observe the “Law of two feet.”  “If you are not actively participating in the discussion or feel you are not learning anything from it you are encouraged to use your two feet and move to a different one.”

Watch this page for more information about unconference methods, and be sure to follow the links posted here as they offer a lot more information!

Have you attended an unconference before? Please respond with your impressions and observations in the comments here!

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