What difference will it make?

Have you ever attended a conference or meeting and found yourself energized by the ideas in circulation or the potential for finding solutions to longstanding problems? Have you ever left such an event determined to use information gained there to facilitate change? Have you shared your enthusiasm with colleagues in the days that followed? A month or two later, did you remember what the meeting was about or why it moved you?

Too often, I have left an event, taking away renewed energy, vision, and hope, but with no clear action plan. Without a plan to create change, it is unlikely to happen. There are too many things in the world needing attention! In the rush to meet so many responsibilities, the new ideas are sometimes relegated to the bottom of the pile.

This is why the final session of the (Un)conference will be of great importance. Here, we will bring our notes from each breakout session and share what we have learned with those who attended other sessions. We will identify common themes and review suggestions made. We will create a plan of action that will include goals, objectives, and a timeline. Participants will take responsibility for actions based on their own interests, abilities, and access to resources.

Notes from all sessions will be posted here for further discussion, and goals will be tracked on this site as well. In these ways, we will continue to talk to each other about these important issues long after the day of Undressing Normal.

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