Preparing for the (Un)conference: BYOT

Bring your own topic! Unlike a traditional conference, the unconference format depends upon all participants to create the day’s content. Everyone who attends will have the opportunity to contribute ideas, and it is a good idea to come prepared with a topic or two you’d like to discuss. Sessions will be determined by your interests, and you will have the opportunity to lead a round table discussion or present information in a more traditional format.

A small group of us have been meeting since October 2011 to prepare for the unconference. We will help coordinate topics and facilitate for anyone who needs help leading a session. In brainstorming sessions, we have discussed possible topics of interest; some of these are listed below. We are sure you will have many more to add! Please share your thoughts in the comments here. This is how we will get a discussion started so that when the day of the unconference comes, we will have a general sense of direction.

Some possible topics for Undressing Normal sessions:

  • Defining sexuality
  • Power and privilege
  • Monetary implications
  • Sexuality and the autism spectrum
  • Supporting LGBTQ clients and staff
  • Legal issues for individuals with intellectual disabilities and those who support them
  • Into the nursing home and back into the closet
  • Sexuality throughout the lifespan
  • Parenting and the eternal child stereotype

Please add your own thoughts in the comments and bring your ideas to the unconference on February 10.

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